The Ultimate Guide to Launching PPV Campaigns

Learn how to create successful CPA campaigns with Pay Per View traffic and build your affiliate marketing business.

  • You are profit virgin ?
  • You are struggling to get any conversions with direct linking?
  • Landing pages are not generating results for you ?
  • Following all the suggested offers by affiliate managers but still zero conversions ?
  • Don't know what is wrong with your campaigns ?
  • You have tried all the traffic sources including FB, PPC ,PPV but still results are zero ?
  • You are launching campaigns after campaigns but not making any profits?

What is PPV Rocker V4?

PPV Rocker is one of the best available PPV and CPA Marketing course launched by Kj Rocker. Its first version was launched in 2012 and since then, We have sold more than 1000 copies helping thousands of affiliates to launch their successful campaign. We are always are working to make this course better and bigger and keep on adding the latest information in order to make it the best PPV course ever. The latest version of PPV Rocker V4 is a series of video trainings helping affiliate marketers to create successful CPA campaigns.
PPV Rocker V4

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive PPV & CPA training course.

  • Learn how to create successful campaigns
  • Learn how to create landing pages
  • Learn how to setup campaign tracking properly
  • Learn how to find targets which convert
  • Learn how to make your campaigns profitable
  • Learn how to choose winning offers
  • Learn how to create your campaigns successfully through all steps explained to you by step by step videos

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive PPV & CPA training course.

  • Highly responsive support , Get answers to your questions within 24 hours.
  • Regular updates , Stay updated with new trends and opportunities.
  • Includes free access to our training webinars and training sessions.
  • Learn about latest and fresh traffic sources which you get use to build profitable campaigns.
  • Professionally recorded video tutorials guiding you about everything step by step.
  • Save hundreds of dollars by using our exclusive discounts to purchase services and tools to make your campaigns more affective

PPV Rocker is a very detailed guide which covers everything about PPV.. From setuping your campaigns to tracking them. Tracking guide was very detailed(with screenshots) even my grandma could understand it. I'm starting my campaign tommorow, and I'm an total newbie with PPV.. KJ helped me many times and he is the best guy and I'm very thankful that I met him. I will post my results soon and let you guys know Once again, thanks KJ!

bokidarkness Warrior Forum Member

The greatest thing about this course, is that he breaks it down step-by-step on how to create a successful profitable PPV cpa campaigns - Step by step videos which cover ppv marketing tips, strategies, detailed tracking guides and some great sample landing pages.For this price it is a steal... So exactly what are you waiting for? Buy it, read and put in the work ASAP.

Gao Lei
Gao Lei Owner Affpaying

I happen to be a CPA marketer myself, besides other things online. And I must say apart from organic traffic and other sources which take plenty of time and effort, PPV is something that can and does get you excellent rewards in a short amount of time. However, people don't know where to begin and lose lots of money in this process.
This course is a must have for all those wanting to start PPV advertising with regards to CPA.
The course is put together in a way which any newbie can implement and can start earning a good number in a short time - provided you implement all that is being shown in the course.
Excellent job KJ- you honestly rock with this!

Hana SK
Hana SK Warrior Forum Member

This comprehensive step-by-step actionable guide to PPV Marketing explains the mechanics of PPV marketing in very simple words and lays the foundation for any newbie or experienced CPA marketer to kick start their PPV marketing journey. KJ diligently covers the most crucial componet of PPV marketing - which is Tracking- in great detail; as the right tracking alone can be the catalyst in making a positive or negative ROI on your campaign.And what came as surprise to me was some of the Ninja Twists he spares; which were really eye openers for me!Guys, don't miss out on this one..!KJ- You rock mate!

Saj Warrior Forum Member & CPA Affiliate

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I have seen many gurus selling WSOs about PPV traffic and in their sales pages they will pitch about a secret traffic method which you can get dirt cheap clicks. There is no secret and nothing comes cheap. I have been driving PPV Traffic to my CPA Offers for over a year now, and I have also helped many other people in driving traffic to their offers using PPV traffic.If you don't believe me check out reviews here

PPV Rocker V4